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Development Samui
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Our company provides a project development service for our customers that is divided into all the various procedures that take place in building a project…

What We Do

We are able to help the customer and find a terrain that is right for the type of project that the customer wants to do or if the customer already has his own land we will help the customer to choose the most suitable project for that type of land, we will assist the customer in contacting the right public offices to obtain the various documents and licenses that are used for the project, to check that all documents are in order and then to program, start, manage the project until the end of the work, and we can provide our clients with qualified lawyers to assist clients in all the various legal procedures ensuring that everything is done legally and in accordance with the law, so we can also help customers find the accounting offices to manage all the various accounts that the customer will have to support annually to maintain and use their own projects.

Road Construction

Water Supply

Electric Supply