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Bangrakn 6-bedroom Sea view Villa

Price: 40 M THB 

Ownership Title:  Chanute

Company: included

Built Area:                                  900 sqm

Internal area:                               800 sqm

Outdoor living area:yes                      

Decking area:  yes                            

Swimming pool over flow stile:  plus Jacuzzi inside poll 

Parking area: yes                              

Storage:  yes

Laundry: yes  

Living area with Pool table: yes 

Land Size: 1.800 sqm

Kitchen: Contemporary Modern western (dishwasher, oven, micro oven, refrigerator, island table) plus Bar area 

Swimming pool: Private swimming Pool DEPTH 1.4 meters, WIDTH 3.5 meters, LENGTH 25 meters

Bedrooms:  6  

Bathroom: 8

Staff apartment separate from owner living area: yes 

Sala: Yes (indoor and outdoor)

Gym: yes 

Garden: Yes

Terrace: Yes

Beach front: No

Hill side sea view: Yes

24 Hour Security: CCTV system

Parking Area: Yes (roofed where can fit 2 car and 2 motorbike)

Fully Furnished: yes (including bathrooms, modern kitchen, built-in wardrobe every rooms, bedroom makeup area, TV Station Lounge area, afternoon tea area, laundry area)

Aircon: yes (2 unit in living area/kitchen area and 4 unit 1 in every bedroom)

Fan: yes (2 unit in living area/kitchen area and 4 unit 1 in every bedroom)

High-end Infrastructure: Yes

Complex: Dreamland Estates 

Managing: on request

Access: Easy

Wall around property: yes 

Gated: yes (2 entrance: 1main gate with remote control and 1 secondary gate manual opening)

Ready to go in: 

Under renovation around 3 months for finish 



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